Strategies for a Happy Life

“The purpose of our lives is happiness” Dalai Lama

I am a Brisbane Clinical Psychologist, and my philosophy is simple: to give each client a high-quality, individually tailored service. I often use Positive Psychology principles in promoting strategies for a happy life. As such, my practice is small, private and very personable. Whether you are seeking individual or couples therapy, at my clinical psychology private practice, it’s all about you!

During this unprecedented (pandemic) time in our history, maintaining good mental and physical health is vital.  As such, I am moving my services online (tele-health) to ensure your physical safety, without social isolation.  Staying connected and being there for you.

Having a good fit between therapist and client is a major predictor of therapeutic success; so please take a minute to see what I can offer…

Learn to be Happy

Positive Psychology is the new ‘Science of Happiness’. Using its techniques, you can learn how to utilise your strengths, build resilience and improve your quality of life.


Improve Relationships

Having a happy, fulfilling relationship requires skill! Learn how to improve your communication, problem solve, achieve closeness, increase intimacy and better your sex life.


Break Bad Habits

Become more mindful of how you live your life. Break out of destructive cycles and habits. Move beyond your comfort zone and create wider, deeper experiences. Learn to be more present.

Find Balance

Have you become all work and no play? Find a healthy balance across all life’s domains. Invest in your mental, physical and spiritual well being.


Individual Psychology

Develop who you are and want you want out of life. Use your unique strengths and values to make lasting changes.


Couples Therapy

Improve your relationship quality and create lasting emotional security. Become the kind of partner you would love to have!



Clinical Hypnosis

Taking you beyond thinking, and speaking directly to that part of your brain which is ready for change right now!



Variety is the spice of life! Looking for sex therapy or sexuality advice  straight or queer? Diversity is respected and understood here.